Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring is Here!

This past week was all about quality time instead of quantity time. (I had to work A LOT!) And of course, it was absolutely beautiful ALL last week, so we spent every minute we could soaking up the sunshine. Here we are taking the kiddos for a bike ride. (Not sure how much longer we're going to be able to fit both of them in the bike trailer.)

We spent some time enjoying the bennifets of spring in NH... ie: playing in the mud. In case anyone notices, yes Lexi's pants match her boots, and yes, that was intentional. (Dad forget to roll them up before he sent her out to splash with Cameron and I - oh well.)

This is Lexi yelling "Wait!" as she SPRINTED down the driveway. (Cameron and I were out splashing already.)

Here's one more for the road. Cameron ready for church:

(Sorry there's not one of Lexi to go with it... she's getting 4 more teeth in right now and was NOT in the mood for pictures.)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paying Respects to a Great Man

Last Week we learned that the kiddos last Great Grandfather, Cameron Sherman, had passed. We traveled late into the night to get to New Jersey to attend his funeral and spend some time with family. Here are a few more than a few pictures of our trip. (Warning: Serious Picture OVERLOAD to follow)

On the way to the funeral - yes, Lexi has another pair of sunglasses... (Hey, they're good for your eyes.)

(The 2 remaining Camerons - Matching.)

While we were there, we stayed at Nana and Pop-pop's house. They have a large jacuzzi tub, which the kiddos LOVED. Nana got them each a new swimsuit and let them swim in their "Pool." Cameron called it the beach. He begged for his bath every night in his "super suit." Here are a couple (more) pictures of the fun:

While we were there we took Cameron skiing for the first time. He had fun until he realized that it wasn't so easy to go uphill. He wanted to see where everyone was coming from and planned to climb to the top of the mountain by himself. He's going to be great next year. Season's pass here we come!

Lexi had fun exploring and acting as the Cheering Squad

Nana located some great indoor, rainy-day fun for the kiddos at a place called The Jump Zone. Cameron LOVED jumping and sliding on "Lightning McQueen" and Lexi had fun on the horses. Here's a few pictures of the fun:

Circumstances being what they were, we had a good time and look forward to visiting again soon. We will miss Butch, but he will always have a place in our hearts.

Friday, March 5, 2010


A nice family at our church has sheep and they are having lambs right now. We thought since the weather was nice... GORGEOUS for this time of year in would be fun to go see them. Cameron was REALLY into it. He was so excited to feed them and he loved petting the tiny lambs. Lexi on the other hand, was TERRIFIED. She warmed up towards the end, but she was pretty much glued to either Jon or myself the entire time we were there. The lambs were really cute though - it was hard not to take one home with us! Here are a few pics from our day:

Walking to the barn...

(Ed, the Shepard, an AWESOME guy)

(This little guy was only 3 days old and weighed in at only 4 lbs when he was born.)

Despite all the snow in the pictures, it was very warm outside (Jon was going to wear shorts)and we had a great time with the sheep. When we left, Ed was driving his tractor and Cameron waved at him and said "there goes my friend." Cameron is already asking to go back. He had a BLAST!