Friday, January 21, 2011

High Fashion Snow Day

Like most New Englander's we have been POUNDED with snow these past few days - to the tune of almost 3 feet of the fluffy white stuff. Cameron has been in absolute HEAVEN. The kid would live outside if I let him. Here are a couple of pictures of him in his element:

Lexi isn't as big of a fan of the white stuff. Don't get me wrong, she loves to go out for SHORT periods, but it doesn't take long before she wants to come in and warm up. (Especially when the snow is up to her arm-pits.) As you will shortly surmise, Lexi insists on picking out her own outfits these days and well, I don't put up a fight on days we're staying home. We had lots of fun inside while Cameron and Mammie enjoyed some time in the snow. Today was a day of high fashion as is evidenced by the following pictures:

Picture-taking turned into jumping...

And ultimately falling down...

These are actually pictures from a different snow day. I had to take pictures when I saw Lexi singing karaoke with new her favorite microphone...

TA-DAH! Hope you guys are enjoying your snow as much as we are!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Best

The kiddos looked so cute when we were ready for church this morning that I had to take pictures. (And then share them.) Hope you all had a good Sunday! :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fresh Snow

We were able to spend the morning outside playing in some fresh powder... It doesn't get much better than this! :) Here are a few pics of our fun:

Sunday, January 2, 2011

40 degree Heat Wave

With the weather being so nice this weekend we spent most of our time outside. We started with a nice 2 hour hike around the neighborhood...

It quickly turned into a snowball fight when Cameron got hot:

We also played in the snow doing all of our favorite winter activities: making snow angels, building snowmen, having a snowball fight and sledding. Here are just a few pictures of us enjoying the snow: