Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Snow has Arrived

Our Snow drought is OVER! (And all 3 of my children have been loving every minute of the recent blizzards.) The traditional snow fort was finally built, we've had endless snow-ball fights, spent some time sledding and took LOTS of pictures. Here are a few of my favorites:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feeling Better.... FINALLY!

As most of you may have heard, we've been SICK...

(Yes, ALL of us... at the SAME time.)

After everyone started feeling better, we took a short trip to re-stock supplies. We decided to let the kiddos pick out new sunglasses to cheer them up. (Yes, they picked them out themselves.) Cameron liked the red "spiderman" sunglasses and Lexi chose pink with silver polka-dots. It's amazing how long it took a 1-year old to make up her mind. She tried on quite a few pair! Here they are wearing them on the way to church:

We thought the worst was behind us and we scrubbed the house REALLY well... or so we thought. Aunt Amanda and uncle Jeff came up to play (hence the light sabers) and unfortunately, we shared our germs with Aunt Amanda. Here are a couple of shots of the good times:

We've been spending a lot of time inside, you know, trying to keep things "low key." Here's an example...

They celebrated their victory over an obviously defeated Dad by taking a ride together in the glider rocker:

It's nice to have things back to "normal."