Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swingset Progress...

Grandpa McLaughlin is here and there are finally swings attached to the swing set! Yeeeaaah! The kiddos are LOVING the swings. Here are a couple of shots of the good times so far:

Even Mammie had a good time...
You should hear Lexi laughing! Too cute!

Monday, July 13, 2009

We Kidnapped Mammie!

Mammie has been having a little car trouble as of late and thought she was going to have to cancel her trip to NH to hang with the kiddos. Cameron was very upset and said, "Wets Git Her!" (Let's get her in normal talk.) Sooo... after spending ALL day at Santa's Village, we drove to Maine (we figured we were half-way there any way) and surprised Mammie! (Who was in her jammies at 10:30pm.) Look how happy Cameron is to see his Mammie:
(We were nice enough not to take pics while she was still in her jammies...
This was actually taken the next day.)

Cameron had Mammie sit in the back with him.
He made her sing the "Snowman Song" over and over...
Poor Mammie!
(Cameron was in stitches - he thought it was hilarious!)

Lexi before church - she LOVES getting dressed up!

After church we went to the lake...

Think Cameron enjoyed himself?

We also stopped in to see Great Grammie Wiggins...

Lexi wasn't quite sure what to think, but in the end we got a smile out of her!

Santa's Village

This is how we started the day:

Sooo happy!
(Lexi loved watching Cameron go on all the rides)

This was the first ride Cameron went on...

and on and on and on...

He didn't want to get off. He went around 6 times.

(And he made Jon sit next to him on Rudolf EVERY time!)

Cameron braved the log ride with the big drop-

He is such a little dare devil!

This one actually made Dad a little sick:

Cameron loved it!

An ice cream break...
(Chocolate, of course!)

On the Roller-Coaster!

(One of Cameron's favorite rides)

We must have taken him on it at least 10 times!

Another favorite...

And as an added bonus - it was WET!

(It got pretty warm outside in the sun.)
Plus Cameron liked watching Dad get splashed... :)

Cameron braving the water ride all by himself!
Such a big boy!

Cameron rode the cars OVER and OVER and OVER...

Lexi and I clapped every time Cameron went around...

Until the 10th time.

This is how I knew it was time to go home:

Lexi was such a good sport all day...

By 6:oo she had had enough!

Overall we had a blast! Cameron didn't want to leave.

We'll have to go back again later this summer!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nana & Pop-Pop Visit

Nana is a great story-teller!

Cameron taking Pop-Pop fishing in his favorite spot
(Pop-Pop was a great sport and wore Mom's purple life jacket.)
Maybe we should get an extra for guests?
Cameron giving Pop-Pop a lesson on the correct paddling technique.

Lexi and Nana cheering the guys on!
(Right before it started raining...)
Good thing Pop-Pop was wearing his swim-trunks!
Come back and visit soon guys!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It was a Zoo - Literally!

One of the first things we did in DC was go to the Zoo. While the zoo was a lot of fun, it was also a lot of crazy! Good thing we had Grandma Blouin to help chase Cameron from exhibit to exhibit. As I promised in my last post, here are a couple of pictures of the woman usually behind the camera...

Checking out the turtles ... (And looking for Nemo.)

Helping "Mr. Independent" down the stairs by the seals
(Not as easy as she makes it look.)

Here are Cameron and Jon watching the Elephants -
This was one of Cameron's favorites
(It was a close 2nd to the Meerkats)

Lexi was a champ in the 95-degree humidity

This is how Cameron kept cool:

Unquestionably his FAVORITE part of the whole zoo
(I think we stopped at every mist station in the zoo!)

Lexi's own "zoo" jumper:
Taken when we got home -
We have to do something to burn their energy...
It's been raining here every day since we've been back!
(And she LOVES to jump!)

This one is just because... :)

Sooo happy!