Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun with Family

We were lucky enough to have Aunt Sarah and Abigail come all the way from Missouri to visit us for a week! We had an AMAZING time and I may have taken a couple of pictures while they were here. I've posted a few of them for your viewing pleasure:

Before church in their matching dresses:

One of the things Aunt Sarah requested was a trip to the Joseph Smith memorial in Vermont. What she didn't realize was that Jon's Mom lived just around the corner and has a really fun zip line in her back yard. Abby LOVED it. Sarah... Well, she was a good sport. (I have a REALLY funny video I won't put on the blog, but email me if you're interested...) Oh, an I probably should say that in all fairness, I didn't go down the zip line this trip. (Hey... I have done it before... just not this time.)

(Aunt Sarah... happy to be at the bottom)

We made sure to bring Abby and Sarah on a hike up our favorite mountain. Abby loved the hike and well, Sarah appreciated the view once we got to the top. She was such a great sport about doing everything we planned for her (even after the zip line.) The kids are lucky to have such an adventurous Aunt! Here are a few pics from our hike:

(They were really cute about holding hands.) They were fast friends.

The highlight of the visit for the kids was probably our trip to Santa's Village. They had an absolute blast! Mammie joined us for our adventure and the kiddos made sure that ALL adults in attendance got an equal opportunity to ride the rides. (Even those of us who are scared of heights!) Santa's Village is really good about making it possible for an adult to accompany a child on just about every ride in the park... even the scary ones. Here are a few pictures. (Yes... this time I wasn't able to escape the camera.)

We also spent a couple days at the beach and had a blast!

(Unfortunately Aunt Sarah had most of the pictures on her camera.) Come to think of it, she has all the pictures from our trip to the park as well... hmmm. She'll have to post some of those when she gets home.

They've only been gone a day but we miss them already! Come back and visit us again soon guys!